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Redomicile Your Company To The UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an attractive and advantageous location for companies looking to redomicile their business to the UAE due to its innovative infrastructure, and business friendly policies.

With the numerous benefits of redomiciling to another jurisdiction comes a lot of challenges like tax and legal implications. This requires professionals and legal advisors like Gatestone Group to assist you in streamlining and simplifying the process for your business.

Why Redomicile Your Company To The UAE?

There are several reasons why you might consider redomiciling your company to the UAE, including:

  • Business expansion: The UAE offers a strategic location and a stable business environment, making it an attractive hub for regional and international business operations.
  • Tax optimisation: Some UAE jurisdictions provide favourable tax conditions.
  • Access to the UAE and international markets: The UAE provides access to a growing local market and serves as a gateway to the broader Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
  • Legal and regulatory framework: The UAE has well-established legal and regulatory systems that offer investor protection and stability.

Who Can Redomicile A Company To The UAE?

The requirements to proceed with the company re-domiciliation process in the UAE vary depending on the jurisdiction you want to re-domicile the company to. Some of the common requirements include a good financial situation, compliance with regulatory requirements and having a clear business plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Redomiciling To The UAE

Some of the benefits of re-domiciling your company to the UAE include but not limited to:

  • Low corporate tax
  • No personal income tax
  • Favourable tax environment
  • High Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Easy access to corporate banking and other financial institutions
  • Flexible regulations
  • Stable economy
  • Multiple tax treaties
  • Full repatriation of capital
  • Attractive tax benefits
  • Strategic location
  • Ease of doing business
  • Secure environment for business

Which Jurisdictions In The UAE Which Allow Redomiciliation?

Include all the jurisdictions that allow redomiciliation


As per the UAE Federal Decree Law no. 32 of 2021 on Commercial Companies, the concerned regulating authority in the UAE will expediate the process of transferring the re-domiciled company’s records to the UAE official records, after which the company will receive a certificate confirming its business continuity in the UAE. The re-domiciliation process requires the following documents:

  1. Notarised and attested documents of the company
  2. The certificate of approval from the current external authority, situated outside the UAE.
  3. Financial statements and economic viability reports.
  4. The company’s Articles of Association.


Several free zones in the UAE allow the redomiciliation of overseas businesses. Each free zone has specific regulations and procedures for redomiciliation. Examples of free zones which allow re-domiciliation include the following:


The process of redomiciling your international company to the UAE involves legal and administrative steps. Gatestone Group will assist with the following steps, but not limited to:

  1. Selecting a jurisdiction: Gatestone Group will choose a suitable UAE jurisdiction for your business based on your needs and the nature of your operations.
  1. Provide legal advice: Gatestone Group will provide legal counsel to navigate the specific requirements and regulations related to redomiciliation.
  1. Prepare documentation: Gatestone Group will prepare the necessary documents, including company records, financial statements, and an application for redomiciliation.
  1. Application and approval: Gatestone Group will submit your application to the relevant UAE authorities and obtain approval for the redomiciliation.
  1. Compliance: Gatestone Group will ensure that your company complies with all UAE laws and regulations upon redomiciliation.

Get In Touch For Redomiciling Your Company In The UAE

Thinking of redomiciling your company for strategic advantages and unparalleled business opportunities? Look no further. 

Gatestone Group specialises in providing re-domiciliation services while facilitating the smooth transition of the business operation to the UAE. Take advantage of our expertise of the UAE laws and re-domiciliation procedures and a dedicated team available to cater to your needs.


Company redomiciliation involves transferring the registration of a company from one jurisdiction to another. Businesses consider it to benefit from a more favorable business environment, regulatory framework, or strategic advantages.

Eligibility criteria for company redomiciliation in the UAE can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Some common criteria include having a clear business plan, being in good financial standing, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Several free zones in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and others, permit the redomiciliation of overseas businesses.

The process involves obtaining approval from the relevant authorities, preparing necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with UAE regulations, and finally, the transfer of registration.

Yes, the legal framework for redomiciliation is defined by the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction in the UAE where the company chooses to establish itself.

The duration varies but generally takes several weeks to months, depending on the complexity of the case, regulatory approvals, and other factors.

Absolutely. Gatestone Group specialises in facilitating the redomiciliation process, offering expert guidance, legal support, and comprehensive services to ensure a successful transition to the UAE.


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