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The UAE’s Golden Visa has surged in popularity recently. The credit for this goes to the world’s rising interest in the Arab lifestyle, the promising future of the Persian Gulf region, and the rapid progress of the UAE itself. The country’s success stories of companies and brands have painted a picture of a land overflowing with opportunity, making it an attractive destination for business ventures.

However, there were previously significant hurdles to overcome. High taxes, entry/exit restrictions, and sponsorship requirements made establishing a business in the UAE a costly endeavour. That’s where the Golden Visa stepped in, acting as a solution to nearly 90% of these problems. Now, everyone seems to be interested in getting a Golden Visa to unlock the doors to the UAE.

While many may be familiar with the benefits, there might be hidden gems you haven not heard of yet. This blog is all about the top UAE’s Golden Visa benefits, so stay tuned to learn more!

What is the UAE Golden Visa?

You can imagine a Golden Visa as a golden key to the UAE. The UAE Golden Visa provides equal opportunities and benefits as that of a UAE citizen, that include but are not limited to long-term residency, exceptional education and healthcare facilities for yourself and your family. You can get a Golden Visa if you fulfil certain criteria which are discussed in the blog.

What are the Top 8 Benefits of UAE’s Golden Visa?

There are immense benefits to the UAE’s golden visa. Out of all the macro and micro benefits, below are the top 8 carefully researched benefits that can benefit any entrepreneur and investor. They are the following:                                     

1. Long term residency

The first benefit on the list is long-term residency in the UAE which is not common among expats living in the country. An ordinary visa may offer you different residency periods depending on the type of visa you opt for, the maximum residency period is offered on an employment visa which too is 2 years and after that, you have to go through the whole cycle again which is a hectic process.

Golden visa, on the other hand, offers you residency of 5 to 10 years which is a good amount of time for investors and entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the region.

2. Multiple entry and exit

Additionally, the benefits program for the UAE Golden Visa offers multiple entrances and exit facilities, meaning that professionals may travel freely without requiring a new visa for each exit from the UAE. This easy access simplifies both personal and business travel, making the UAE the best place for company owners and professionals with global ties.

Furthermore, this feature makes travelling easier for families, without having to deal with the hassle of reapplying for visas each time they go outside of the UAE.

3. Sponsor family members

Residency in the UAE is granted to the recipient of an accepted UAE Golden Visa, along with their partner and kids, regardless of the age. So, you can easily manage your business without worrying about your family back home.                                                

4. Healthcare Facilities

The first-rate healthcare system in the UAE is available to citizens and their families. Golden Visa holders are entitled to substantial savings at selected healthcare providers with the Esaad privilege card. This healthcare is otherwise too expensive with an ordinary visa.

5. Facilities to world class education

Families with children benefit from the UAE’s Golden Visa because it gives them access to top schooling. Especially notable are the reductions available on higher education, which make elite educational possibilities more affordable for families. This benefit also applies to foreign university campuses in the UAE, where students may pursue a variety of academic programs and earn degrees that are accepted across the world.

6. Esaad privilege card access

All holders of the UAE Golden Visas began receiving the Esaad privilege card from the UAE in 2022. The cart, which was once exclusive to government workers, now offers benefits at over 7,000 establishments in 92 nations including the UAE.

If you intend to start a business in Dubai mainland, you can also apply for any of these trade licences. The licencing structure in Dubai free zones varies and is also contingent upon the type of business activity your company chooses to engage in.

7. Access to career and business opportunities

The UAE Golden Visa contributes to making it a crucial benefit for competent people and prospective business owners. Renowned for having top-notch facilities and infrastructure, including ecosystems for cutting-edge technologies. The UAE offers an atmosphere that is favourable to corporate growth and professional achievement because of its cutting-edge healthcare facilities and sophisticated transportation system.

8. Diverse and vibrant community

There are so many tourist attractions in the UAE along with innovative and broad-minded people from different cultures offering a very welcoming environment to UAE’s golden visa holders for long-term residence and employment.

Getting Dubai’s Golden Visa Made Easy with Gatestone Group

The UAE is the centre of global commerce, and prosperity is anticipated in the future. The secret to creating an impression and gaining international recognition for your business and yourself is a Golden Visa.

Gatestone Group can make the process of acquiring a Golden Visa simple. We will handle and ensure every step of the procedure is completed swiftly. We offer the most knowledgeable company setup advisors and a great team of professionals. Contact us via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, schedule a brief, free consultation call at +971 52 410 0849 or +971 4 450 1023.


The UAE’s golden visa is a dream of many people because of its immense benefits. Anyone eligible to apply should get a golden visa to unlock a promising lifestyle and prosperous business setup in Dubai and the UAE.


The UAE’s golden visa benefits include but are not limited to long-term residence, sponsorship-free business, unlimited exits and entries, free ESAAD privileges, access to world-class healthcare, education, and much more.

Holders of the UAE Golden Visas can visit 18 countries in total without a visa.

The cost of a UAE Golden Visa is subject to change but involves a standard processing fee. The process also involves paying for the Emirates ID and a medical fitness test as per the usual visa procedure in the UAE. The cost of the visa also varies based on whether you are in the country or outside the country.


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