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Budgeting and Financial Planning in the UAE

Budgeting is the process of estimating revenue, expenses, and capital requirements. Through this process, a business targets achieving a certain level of revenue and accordingly adjusts its expenses to plan for the expected business outcome. There could be several types of budgets implemented for a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based on its needs, e.g. Capital budgeting that targets the capital requirements of the company.

Overview of Financial Planning in Business

The process of financial planning and budgeting services in the UAE essentially includes the following steps:

1- Baseline

Budgeting could either be for an existing company or for a new business or startup. For an existing company, current financials could be used as the baseline. However, companies can choose to go for a complete review of their business model. For these companies and the new business or startup, zero-based budgeting could be appropriate, which starts without any baseline, so each expense should be justified while the baseline requires justification for the incremental change.

2- Management Expectation

The next step is defining the management expectations and incorporating them into the budget. This step would involve determining how each item will move in the next period. The next period could either be for the full year or for the short term. Long-term planning could mean budgeting for multiple periods.

3. Revenue

It includes analysing how much increment is targeted for the next period. Breaking the revenue into products or services, regions, etc. are the activities that are likely to take place here.

4. Expenses

How much expense would need to be raised according to the revenue projection or where cost optimisation will need to be applied? This stage also includes recruitment and several key decisions.

5. Operational cash availability

While the above two factors, revenue and expenses, provide an overview of fundamental business results, there are a number of other factors that would influence cash. As an example, increasing the settlement period for the supplier would increase cash, while increasing the settlement period for the clients or customers would decrease. Similar decisions are considered here to arrive at operational cash availability.

6. Capital Requirement Funding

While the above-mentioned items give the expected result from business operations, the capital requirement stage helps to decide how much can be allocated to spend on fixed costs, e.g., buying machinery or capital assets. This stage also involves financing decisions, e.g., whether additional funding is required and how to meet it, e.g., a short-term arrangement like an overdraft or a long-term arrangement through capital raising.

Benefits of Budgeting

The primary benefit of financial planning and budgeting is to bring transparency to business results. As an example, revenue targets could be attributed to the number of key personnel or departments. Without a budget, business results would not explain whether this is achieved through proper planning and whether this can be sustained for longer periods.

Our Services

The expert consultants at Gatestone Group provide financial planning and budgeting services in the UAE across several sectors and industries and are fully equipped to handle businesses of all sizes. We will take you through the detailed steps and make you familiar with the processes and the compliance requirements. We will then suggest appropriate budgeting based on your business needs. Below are certain types of financial planning and budgeting services in the UAE that can be implemented:

Operational Budgets

  • They focus on the three components, i.e., how much the revenue is, what the production costs are to achieve that revenue, and general operating expenses.

Capital Budgets

  • This is used to determine the budgets required for capital investments.

Cash Flow Budgets

  • This investigates the impact of the business on cash flows, e.g., decisions by suppliers and customers.

Our Approach

  • We understand your needs, learn about your requirements, and conduct a SWOT analysis.
  • We plan and scrutinise different scenarios to encounter different possibilities in the best possible way.
  • We ensure transparency and clarity in financial data by presenting simplified reports.
  • We perform continuous monitoring and keep a close eye on budgets, comparing them against actuals to provide insightful variance analysis.
  • We provide regular revisions and ensure our budgeting services offer dynamic benchmarks, allowing your business to excel with proper adaptation.

Benefits of budgeting for your business

  • Business without proper financial planning and budgeting is like driving without a GPS. Having a clear plan helps drive the business to work towards achieving its target.
  • Budgeting helps identify opportunities and incorporate scenarios.
  • As the management is prepared for all the scenarios, it can maneuver based on the scenarios and address costs and performance.
  • As a strategic tool, it is the financial vision of the company.
  • Better utilisation of resources across and prioritisation among various requirements.

Our Experience

Our team has a rich experience handling large organisations and SMEs in several industries. We are well equipped with the intricacies and challenges when it comes to providing financial planning and budgeting services in the UAE.

We have successfully helped companies refine their business processes, provide an independent view of their goals, and thus play a significant role in enhancing their business results.

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Are you looking to enhance your business’s budgeting strategies and optimise your financial planning? Gatestone Group is your trusted partner for comprehensive financial planning and budgeting services in the UAE. Our financial experts are ready to collaborate with you, offering tailored budgeting solutions that align with your business goals.

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We have successfully helped companies refine their business processes, provide an independent view of their goals, and thus play a significant role in enhancing their business results.


Periodical budgeting offers foresight, allowing businesses to adapt strategies based on consistent financial insights.

Periodical budgeting offers foresight, allowing businesses to adapt strategies based on consistent financial insights.

Budgeting provides valuable insights into decision-making by offering a clear financial picture. This enables your company to respond proactively to changes in the market.

With Gatestone’s profound expertise, businesses get the advantage of systematic, timely, and accurate budgeting that aligns with their goals. Our budgeting services include comprehensive budget development, financial forecasting, performance monitoring, analysis and strategic financial planning tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Gatestone Group’s tailored approach, combined with their expertise and client-centric methodologies, sets them apart.

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