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Corporate Banking Solutions: Empowering Your Business Finances

The UAE banking system can be considered a highly competitive market, with over 50 national and international banks following strict compliance and restrictions to ensure customer security and provide a stress-free banking service to their customers. The banking industry in the UAE has been transformed by digital mechanisms that provide the latest mobile and digital banking experience, enabling financial institutions to enhance their services and allow for business expansion in this dynamic region.

Once your UAE company is registered, the next step in your business journey is the opening of a UAE corporate bank account. A corporate bank account would enable your business to receive and pay locally and internationally. It would also open doors for credit cards and other financing opportunities.

However, opening a business bank account could be time-consuming. Businesses should carefully evaluate the requirements, business financial services, credibility, and available corporate banking solutions of the different financial institutions that fit perfectly with their needs and requirements. Additionally, regulatory frameworks in the UAE may influence the range of business financial services and the way they are provided, as the availability of digital platforms and traditional banks requires thorough understanding.

This is where choosing a corporate banking partner for your business starts! Gatestone Group offers bank account opening services, ensuring seamless access to corporate banking solutions and business financial services. Gatestone Group is your dedicated partner in achieving a stress-free banking experience as we navigate you through every step of the process.

Banks we work with

UAE Corporate Bank Account Process

Opening a corporate bank account in the UAE does not need to be complicated, provided you have the right guidance and support. The UAE banks follow certain procedures, compliance procedures, and legislation that must be fulfilled and complied with to open a corporate bank account in the UAE. Gatestone Group will assist you in the following steps:

1. Choose a bank

With numerous national and international banks in the UAE serving their own set of fees, business financial services, and requirements, Gatestone Group will research and compare different banks to find one that aligns with your company’s specific needs and financial profile.

2. Assessment and Signing

All documents will be collected during the meeting. The bank representative will explain the terms and conditions of the corporate account and answer any questions you may have. It is then required to sign the necessary paperwork.

3. Gather the Documents

The specific documentation requirements vary from bank to bank, but generally, you will need to provide a copy of the UAE company documents, copies of passports and Emirates IDs of shareholders, personal 6-month bank statement(s) of shareholders, etc.

4. Bank Due Diligence

The due diligence will be performed by the bank. This typically involves the bank verifying the provided documents and determining if the company is eligible to open a corporate bank account with the respective financial institution. The company’s financial status, credit history, and business activities are checked and verified during this process.

5. Bank Meeting

Once all the required documents are gathered, Gatestone Group will schedule an appointment with our corporate banking relationship manager from the chosen bank. They will review your documents and guide you through the account-opening process.

6. Make the Initial Deposit

Once the bank account activation is approved, you may be asked to make an initial deposit to activate your corporate account, depending on the bank’s requirements. The amount of the initial deposit will vary from bank to bank.

Documents required to open a UAE corporate bank account

It is a common practice and requirement by the UAE banks to meet in person with the banker providing the required document, including but not limited to:

  • KYC documents
  • 3 to 6 months Bank Statements
  • Expected monthly and yearly turnover
  • Company trade license
  • Certificate of registration and share certificates
  • Lease agreement
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Disclosure of the source of funds
  • Business profile
  • Business plan
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (Notarised and attested)
  • Board Resolution appointing Manager and/or Director (Notarised and attested)
  • Passport copies of all shareholders, directors, and general manager
  • Copies of Emirates IDs of directors, shareholders, and general managers (for UAE residents)
  • Supporting documents about your clients, suppliers, and transactions

Challenges of opening a corporate bank account in Dubai and the UAE

The banks in the UAE have greatly increased the laws and restrictions with the growing expansion of the UAE business market, making it a challenging task for businesses to set up a corporate banking account. Some of the challenges of opening a corporate bank account in the UAE include:

  • Regulatory requirements and compliance: This includes strict regulations such as Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT).
  • Business credibility: All businesses willing to open a corporate bank account in the UAE must go through the due diligence procedure of the bank, which involves the business owner or representative providing the required information and documentation to be eligible to open the bank account for their business.
  • Requirement of local address and UAE residency: All business owners must provide proof of address and their valid residence visa to open a corporate bank account in the UAE.
  • Minimum balance requirement: Most conventional banks in the UAE have a minimum balance requirement between AED 50,000 and AED 500,000.

Benefits of Corporate Banking Services

Setting up a corporate bank account in the UAE comes with numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and foreign investors, with the right corporate banking solutions provided, including:

  • The UAE has a stable financial system.
  • The strategic geographic location of the UAE
  • Safe and secure online banking systems and procedures
  • Access to international business financial services
  • Access to corporate accounts and loans, personal loans, and mortgages
  • Access tax liabilities and maintain transparency.
  • Access to ATM services everywhere in the UAE
  • Decent interest rates
  • Bank accounts provide multiple currency options.
  • Personal relationship manager to assist you at all times.
  • Cheque books are provided by banks holding UAE residency.

Corporate Banking Solutions Offered

1. Corporate accounts

Providing different types of corporate bank accounts, such as savings and current accounts, based on the requirements of the business and the eligibility criteria set by the respective bank.

2. Corporate accounts and Loans

Reviewing and providing investment advice for companies on the best options available for corporate accounts and loans and financing solutions towards business expansion, working capital needs, and other financial requirements.

3. Credit Cards for Business

Guiding you in selecting the right corporate credit card option for your business. Many businesses in the UAE require credit cards that provide features like reporting and expense tracking, which many banks in the UAE offer.

4. Flexible Online Banking and Cash Management for Corporates

With the world advancing towards technology, most banks in the UAE have been offering digital platforms for efficient and secure online banking processes for businesses. This is specifically useful for foreign business owners operating internationally who need to manage their finances without being in the UAE.

6. Risk Management

Analysing and managing the financial risks of a business is crucial for minimising any risk factor and efficient risk management. Gatestone Group will assist in providing risk management services like hedging, insurance, risk assessment, etc.

6. Investment Banking

The in-house lawyers at Gatestone Group assist businesses by offering services like mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, investment advisory for companies, and business financial services.

Choosing the Right Corporate Banking Partner

True business potential is unlocked when a business has a strong financial partner to empower its growth and unique needs.

While opening a bank account is a top priority for many business owners, some do not avail themselves of the benefits that a financial partner can provide. Thus, choosing a corporate banking partner is a crucial step to optimise and ensure seamless business operations.

Gatestone Group is here to provide you with full support and assistance in opening your corporate bank account, as we are partners with the most reputable banks in the UAE. Our banking experts take the time to understand your business goals, priorities, and risks to craft the most suitable corporate banking solutions for your business.

Optimise Your Business Finances with Us

Looking for a seamless and hassle-free corporate banking solution for your corporate banking needs? Reach out to the corporate banking experts at Gatestone Group to provide you with tailored corporate banking solutions that fuel your business growth!


Businesses can typically open a corporate bank account by contacting a bank, submitting required documentation (such as business licenses, company registration documents), and meeting the bank’s criteria. Engaging the services of experts like Gatestone can streamline this process, offering valuable insights and ensuring compliance with local regulations for a smoother corporate banking experience.

Yes, foreigners can open a corporate bank account in the UAE. Requirements and processes may vary among banks, and it’s essential to provide necessary documents, comply with regulations, and choose a bank that aligns with your business needs.

The specific documentation requirements vary from bank to bank, but generally, you will need to provide the following:

  • A copy of the UAE company documents.
  • A copy of your company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).
  • Personal 6-month bank statement(s) of shareholder(s).
  • Copies of passport(s) and Emirates ID(s) of shareholder(s).
  • Proof of address for your UAE company’s registered office with office lease agreement.
  • A completed corporate account application form.

Banks in the UAE offer foreign exchange services to help businesses manage currency risk. These services may include currency hedging and other risk management solutions.

Yes, international businesses can typically register for online banking services through their chosen bank’s website. Online banking provides convenient access to account information, transactions, and other services.


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